Tuesday, February 3, 2009

It's Raining Men

Well Karrie, Milo, and I went to the hospital yesterday for the BIG ultrasound and the preliminary consensus is that we are expected yet another boy. Which is good news for the pocketbook since we don't have to worry about clothes/toys. It was also good for Milo since the kid wouldn't even entertain the idea that a little sister was a possibility. I'm sure my parents could name a few, but I have never met a boy more stubborn. The mere mention that the baby could be a she would send him into tirades of NO's. So it was with some sadness that we let Milo know that he would indeed have a little brother to play with, knowing that the news would only embolden.

To those that may question what our desires on the matter may have been, I can only speak for myself when I say, no expectations were set. A boy brings the benefit of a playmate for Milo, and the ease of second hand materials. A girl would have completed the set and lowered any future stress of expecting a girl. So either way it was going to be great. Maybe expectations the second time around are always lower, but for us it seemed to be the case.

The baby is due the beginning of July and no, we haven't begun the task of picking a name. As with Milo, all suggestions are welcomed, but I expect we'll just goof around until a week or two before the birth before we give it any serious thought.

We'll try and post a picture of the ultrasound when we access a scanner.


Briana said...

Yeah!! Congrats . . . if my 2 cents counts in the least, WE LOVE BOYS - they're the best!

Deanna said...

Congrats! I love watching my 2 girls play together, just as I'm sure you will with your 2 boys.

Chase and Christy Gunnell said...

Yay yay yay yay...I am super excited. I'm probably living vicariously through you, but I couldn't be more happy for you guys!!!

Brian said...

Awesome! Two boys will be fun. I'm thinking definitely either Bubba or Nitro. Seriously, both sound great with Milo.