Sunday, November 1, 2009

Galveston Halloween - more than meets the eye

Man, we haven't posted on our blog in quite some time. But I guess halloween dictates a post. We had a busy halloween down on the island this year. Thursday night brought a cold front that not only cooled off the island but brought clean surf to our island. After selling my body to science and for a friends research, I was left with a couple hundred dollars in my surfboard fund and two stitches on my left thigh from which 5 muscle biopsies were taken. Not wanting to miss good swell, I was of course out surfing early friday morning, stitches and all, on clean surf for an hour before work. Saturday continued to bring nice micro waves to our shore, perfect for surf lessons.

Rule #1 of Fatherhood: Don't try to teach your own son how to do anything, it can only end in headaches and evil eyes.

But since I'm not about to fork over serious cash to someone to teach milo how to surf, I've broken rule #1 on multiple occasions. Saturday presented yet another day of good small surf for us to practice on. I was surprised at milo's willingness to go surfing, but also to wear his wetsuit. After having dumped milo on a number of occasions, the boy prefers to "surf" by himself on his body board instead of my longboard. And the one prior time that he tried on his wetsuit, he whined that it was "choking him to death", and promptly took it off.

The boy made me proud by taking to the board in cold water and standing up on it despite shivering. Check out the video of him "shredding" the whitewash (apologizes for the bumpy camera work, apparently ollie tried to eat the camera).

After some refreshing morning surf, we headed out to the Galveston Biker Rally. Every year in october the island hosts the largest motorcycle rally in the southwest. They were estimating 500,000 visitors to the island, but I think there must have been more. We go every year to look at the bikes and kill some cochlear cells. Karrie no longer complains about a surf obsession after seeing what a real midlife crisis can lead too. Large overweight couples covered in leather balancing on very loud machines... it's not a pretty picture. Milo tried on a sweet helmet that was covered in fur and ram horns.

The main event was trick-or-treating (some how this boy got three nights of this, back in my day you only got one!) with friends from our church. Milo was Optimus Prime this year. Notice that he came in both Robot and Semi-truck forms! Milo and co. had a blast as they ran from house to house looting. All and all we had an action packed halloween on the island this year!