Monday, December 1, 2008

Another Ike Contribution

Brad and I were all set and trying for this baby thing to happen before Ike hit. Then comes the flood and washes away all of our baby stuff save a few clothes that were able to float inside the bins. (I could not put the crib out until this week, sniff) So, of course Brad and I thought now might not be the best time to make another Smith and put the whole thing on hold. Then low and behold a month later a giant pregnant sign on the test stick. Ironic.

I just hit three months and am due at the beginning of July. Things are going well, if I feel sick I just eat and that seems more like a bonus than a sickness. We do not know what it is, but we all know Milo's vote. He wants somebody he can Kung Fu with, play transformers, and all other types of shenanigans.