Friday, January 30, 2009

Christmas was like last week right?

So we are officially bad bloggers since all of our friends had their Christmas posts up like weeks ago and we are just getting around to it.  Posting pictures of Christmas three days after the event is so 2008!

We spent Christmas in Dallas with the Families yet again (is there any other way?).  We helped move my parents into their new Royce City home the day before Christmas Eve... so you can imagine it was a little hectic.

The usual Smith tradition of looking at Christmas lights Christmas eve and then returning to open Santa's bounty was continued.  Milo got to put out his reindeer feed to intice the little creatures nearer to our home.

In all Milo made out like a bandit.  Santa brought the lightsaber, the transformers, the guns that he had emailed the big guy (yeah, Santa takes emails now, so what!).  Christmas day was spent at the White Family home where more gifts were exchanged.

So with out further ado, roll the pics.

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