Saturday, November 29, 2008

Milo's announcement

Milo has an announcement he would like to share with you.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Oh my, oh my, oh Dinosaurs!!

During our week long Thanksgiving break we took a break from the everyday and went camping at Dinosaur Valley State Park. I was a little skeptical what with getting into the 40's at night and being pregnant and sleepy, but away we went. When we drive up we find 2 gigantic dinosaurs roaming the camp. I definitely did not sign up for being hunted and sleeping outside but Milo assured me that he would protect me. So off we went on a hike to find dinosaur tracks and staying down wind of the carnivores. About two hours later 4 soggy shoes from river crossing and a pound of beef jerky later we made it back to camp safe and sound. We ate the heck out of some hot dogs and smores then snuggled in to our sleeping bags as the temperature started to drop. After a fitful nights sleep with 3 people in two sleeping bags and no frostbite we set off on the adventure of taming the giant dinosaurs and having them hold still long enough for us to snap a couple of pics. Camping wasn't so bad after all!

MILO 3.0

So we celebrated the upgrade of our Milo model this past week. We were a little apprehensive at the daily reminders that an upgrade was pending. No matter how many times you click, remind me later, it always sneaks up on you when it's time to upgrade to a new version. We are hopeful that the Milo 3.0 will address the bugs of last years model, namely the whining sound that one hears when the CPU has been working long hours, or the constant needs for reboots when the system acts up. There was always the problem with the CPU overclocking and no matter how many times we try to downshift to a more suitable RPM, the hard drive is always on the verge of melting. Granted, we haven't experienced any bugs that haven't been reported in other makes, but you never know... though we do suspect the monitor is way larger than normal! Milo 3.0 is sure to be an improvement.

Here are some picks from the birthday bash

So we are officially posting this about 30 days after the event, but hey if you don't know to expect that so sort of behavior from us by now, well then welcome.

So Galveston wasn't exactly trick-or-treat friendly this year, what with the Ike arrival, so we accompanied a few co-workers of Brad's to a party in north houston and some family friendly trick-or-treating.

Milo demanded that he be a dragon this year, so Brad and I went dressed as burned peasants.. the pictures don't do the concept justice.

The picture of us carving pumpkins was from earlier in the week. Milo as usual hammed it up for the camera. All and all it was a spooky good time