Friday, July 9, 2010

Time Flies!!

Where does the time go?! First off its been a while since our last blog and lots has happened so here is the overview:

Milo is 4! He can't get enough of super heros and anything that is just boys. He has even given up the kiss to mom good night saying he is to big for that sort of thing... sniff. He is starting PreK and soccer in the fall and is very excited.


We have a new addition to the family. Now many may automatically conclude Karrie is pregnant again. No, no baby. But something almost as close to the heart for Brad. A Proctor 6'3". 21". 2 5/8" Falcon!!! For all of you that are not hip to the lingo a surfboard.

Milo did his Papa proud by participating in Kids Mutton Busting at the Houston's Livestock Show and Rodeo (aka riding a sheep.)

We did a little remodeling thanks to Ike and are pleased with the new bathroom and kitchen floor.

Brad and I along with Brad's brother and wife Jeff and Kari went on a surf trip to El Salvador. We had a great \interesting time, click on the link to see a list of things to learn from if you're planning a get-away that Jeff so eloquently put together from our trip.

Ollie is now a year old and I am wondering where that year went. He is constantly following his big brother around or trying to devour some dog food. No matter how many times we take it away and say no as soon as the food hits the bowl he comes running.


Christy Gunnell said...

Ok, it's sad when you don't recognize your own nephew...Ollie looks so much like Jeff and Brad's baby pictures!!! It's crazy. You two have to send pictures more often so that this not recognizing thing doesn't happen again. I want to see pictures of Milo actually on the sheep! Love the's making us so excited for the end of the month!

Brian said...

Cool to see the update. Bathroom looks great! Miss you guys!
-B, M & G

Ben said...

Congrats on the new addition! I'm so happy for you two... Man, that board looks fun. And sounds like a great trip. We'll have to go sometime. but maybe somewhere a little different. Hope all is well in Galveston. And if you're looking for positions after you're done, here's some advice...

Mike and Andrea McEntire said...

That is so funny about Ollie. El Salvador looks awesome! I like the new bathroom too. Which school will Milo be going to?

Jeff and Kari said...

shows how often I check our own blog (this is Jeff)...great pics...FYI Kari gave me the greenlitego on another surf trip (word's still out whether she will participate or not)