Thursday, November 27, 2008

MILO 3.0

So we celebrated the upgrade of our Milo model this past week. We were a little apprehensive at the daily reminders that an upgrade was pending. No matter how many times you click, remind me later, it always sneaks up on you when it's time to upgrade to a new version. We are hopeful that the Milo 3.0 will address the bugs of last years model, namely the whining sound that one hears when the CPU has been working long hours, or the constant needs for reboots when the system acts up. There was always the problem with the CPU overclocking and no matter how many times we try to downshift to a more suitable RPM, the hard drive is always on the verge of melting. Granted, we haven't experienced any bugs that haven't been reported in other makes, but you never know... though we do suspect the monitor is way larger than normal! Milo 3.0 is sure to be an improvement.

Here are some picks from the birthday bash

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